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We are now open Tuesday - Saturday from 11AM - 4PM at our retail store in Sequim, WA. Thank you for your understanding and continued support!

Pondicherri is a curated boutique that focuses on carefully designed, hand crafted textiles for home and fashion. We feature products from our own collections and other fair trade brands at our location in Sequim, WA.

Our workshop in India is known as Handprint and our retail stores there are The Shop Our spaces are designed with organic materials, open spaces and natural light to create an environment that inspires craftsmen and designers. We develop new dyeing techniques, block and screen prints, machine and hand embroidery patterns, quilting all under one roof. Our designers bring these indigenous techniques and traditional patterns together with a contemporary sensibility to offer our products to the global market. We wholesale our linens around the world and present two collections a year. In purchasing products from us, you will be buying directly from the manufacturer with no “middlemen” involved in the purchase.

We regularly organize tours of our Karkhana/factory and would encourage anyone interested to come and see the production process first hand. Contact us to schedule a time to visit. If you can't visit us in India, please do watch this video to experience the breath and life behind our products.

Thank you!


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